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Good Tips to Save Your Lighting Cost

Have you ever worried about your increasing lighting cost? If so, why not try to reduce your lighting cost by changing some daily usage habits? Here, I introduce several simple tips to help save your lighting cost to the most.

You can firstly change your current traditional florescent lamps with LED tube lights. The main argument of course refers to the clear advantage LED lighting technologies have with regards to energy efficiency. With increasing costs of electricity, the cost factor of electricity is becoming more and more relevant. For example, up to 40% of a city’s electricity costs are spent on street lighting only! By applying energy efficient LED lights, these costs can be reduced by 70-90% and generate significant cost-savings for urban communities and municipal governments. Besides, led tube doesn’t get damaged easily and lasts longer than CFLs and conventional lights. With them, users don’t need frequent bulb replacements or any other kind of maintenance.

When choosing the LED tubes, don’t be fooled by the idea that you can trade a single incandescent light for multiple lights with low-wattage bulbs and come out in front. You almost certainly won’t. The more lights you have, the more power you use. You should also notice that dimming can reduce the amount of electricity a light uses and increases the life of low-voltage lighting. When you buy bulbs, check that they will work with a dimmer.

By the way, you can also do some other things to save the lighting costs. Since a dusty light tube or a dirty lampshade can obstruct as much as half the light, you should then keep the surface of the LED tubes clean. Last but not least, to turn off the light timely whenever you leave your room. It seems to be a pretty easy thing and everybody knows it. However, it is still the key to saving on use and costs.

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