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A Detailed Introduction to the Power Supply for LED Tubes

LED tube, commonly known as LED light tube or LED fluorescent tube, adopt LED (Light Emitting Diode) as its light source, which is more energy-efficient and environmental-friendly. These years, LED tubes have become popular alternative to other lighting options actually. With an average life span of 50000 hours, they use 80% less energy and offer comparatively longer life compared to incandescent lamps and some fluorescent lights, although at a higher initial expense. Here, we talk about one of the most important parts of LED tube – the power supply of LED tubes. So, how can we judge the battery of a LED tube? Here are the tips for you!

In general, we can find three types of power supplies for LED tubes in the market -- isolated power supply, non-isolated power supply and linear power supply. The electric circuit of isolated power supply is much more complicated, which makes the isolated power supply safer. On the other hand, the non-isolated linear manner is cheap, but it also has some cons. It places an LED tube at significant safety hazard with lousy dependability. The worst is that its operating performance is low, and cannot optimize the energy-saving goal. As for linear power supply, it is the cheapest one and may cause flickering. The performance of power supply also varies with different wiring modes.

You can also see another kind of classification: external power supply and build-in power supply. For the external power supply, it is easy or heat treatment and maintenance and there is no limit for the watts of the power supply. However, t he disadvantage is the installation is not convenient, for you need install the external power supply at the same time. As for build-in power supply, it is easy for installation, but you need to solve the heating and insulation problems.

Power supply is the core of a LED tube, which will greatly influence the life of it. Therefore, take care of this part whenever you choose a LED tube.

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