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What Are the Factors that Influence LED Tube Price?

A LED tube is made of three parts, that is, the light source, the power supply and the structural parts. A wise consumer ought to focus on the key elements and know the way they affect the full cost.

a. About the Light Source

The main part of the lamp bead is the chip, which comes in a wide range of performance standards and consequently the price will vary depending upon the brand of chips used by the manufacturer. Try to choose a good quality chip to get highly-bright and beautiful color (gauged by its color temperature and color rendering index – CRI) as well as high luminous efficacy (a measure of how well a light source produces visible light). Besides, in general, the larger the chip is, the better the performance of LED tube will be. Another important factor to consider is LED packaging, which is closely related to its performance and manages a number of functions including heat dissipation, light distribution and varying the color temperature and CRI of the chip.

There are also other parts of LED lamp bead to influence the efficiency of light source and the price of the LED tube. The copper supporter can have better performance for heat conduction and be more stable than the one made from iron. The best material for conductors is gold, rather than copper or silver. Moreover, the quality of phosphor will also greatly impact the light wane. The selection of solid crystal silicone should also take care, for it is closely related to the performance of heat dissipation and light wane.

b. About the Power Supply

The quality of the battery has direct impact on the life of a LED tube. In general, we can find three types of power supplies for LED tubes in the market -- isolated power supply, non-isolated power supply and linear power supply. The electric circuit of isolated power supply is much more complicated, which makes the isolated power supply safer. On the other hand, the non-isolated linear manner is cheap, but it also has some cons. It places an LED tube at significant safety hazard with lousy dependability. The worst is that its operating performance is low, and cannot optimize the energy-saving goal. As for linear power supply, it is the cheapest one and may cause flickering. The performance of power supply also varies with different wiring modes.

c. About the Structural Parts

There are three parts, the shell, the PCB plate and the lamp cover. The charge of the shell differs based on the constructions along with the components. Most of the shells in the market are made from aluminum. But there are also some plastic tubes used by some manufacturers. This kind of PC material will shorten the total usage life because of its poor heat dissipation. The shapes of the shell can also affect the heat output of LED tubes and determine whether there will be any dark spaces. D-shaped tube is ideal for heat dissipation and oval-shaped one is featured with even lighting output.

A PCB with low thermal conductivity results in a hot lamp. Metal and ceramic core PCBs can work better in transferring heat, but most manufacturers choose fiberglass to save money. According to different applications, you can choose different circuit board. As for aluminum plate, it is not easy to be bend but it’s relatively expensive. It can also work better to eliminate heat. However, copper clad laminate is much cheaper with good insulating property.

The PC covers of LED tubes can be divided into four kinds according to different luminous transmittance: transparent PC cover, transparent stripes cover, diffuse stripes cover and milky diffuse cover. Transparent PC cover can be the brightest and milky diffuse cover is a good choice if you need a soft light.

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