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How to Install LED Tubes Easily?

LED tube is more and more popular and there will be a tendency that the LED tube will replace the fluorescent tubes in the future.

The installations for LED tubes and for fluorescent tubes are totally different. For a flurescent tube, it has its own inductive or electronic ballast to drive the tube itself. That’s to say, it is normally separate and located inside the light fitting for a fluorescent tube.

However, as for the LED tube, it is different from fluorescent tube, for the driver of led tube is actually a part of the tube itself. The LED tube is a totally integrated stand alone unit which can simply be wired up to the mains. This means that if you are fitting an LED tube to a conventional fitting then you need to make a few simple modifications to the wiring.

Before installing a LED tube, you should prepare the following tools: a screwdriver, a wire stripper with blade and a wiring nut or some solderless connectors. And then, you can refer to the below detailed steps.

Step 1Make sure that the original fixture is powered off . The fixture maybe can't be powered off just by shuting off the wall switch, so please make sure the fuse is removed or circuit breaker is tripped.

Step 2Remove the original fluorescent tube.

Step 3You should remove the starter inside of the fixture with inductive ballast or remove electronic ballast inside of the fixture with electronic ballast, then connect the L-line and N-line to two sides of supporter.

Step 4Insert the LED tube into the lamp holder and then rotate the tube until the luminous surface is downward.

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