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Introduction to LED Tube Aluminum Alloy Housing

The main LED tube structural components consist of aluminum alloy housing, PCB(Printed Circuit Board), PC cover.

This article will give a brief introduction to aluminum alloy housing. Aluminum Alloy Housing is used as LED tube shell, which is easy to dissipate heat. There are several types of aluminum alloy housing applied to LED tube light.

C-Type head: The cross-section of aluminum alloy housing is like the alphabet C, which got the name C-Type head. C-Type head LED tube can reduce material cost for PCB plate can be directly pushed into the middle of aluminum alloy housing without stand holder. However, C-Type head LED tube is less efficient to dissipate heat. Therefore the lifespan of LED tube is greatly shortened.

D-Type head: The cross-section of aluminum alloy housing is like the alphabet D,which got the name D-Type head. Most LED tube manufacturers adopt D-Type head aluminum alloy housing, for it is best for heat dissipation.

1/3 head: Similar to the appearance of D-Type, 1/3 head aluminum alloy housing makes small change on design. The stand holder to support PCB plate drops to the third place of the aluminum alloy housing, which solved the dark space problem and created uniform light color. Applying 1/3 head aluminum alloy housing, suppliers should adopt external driver to make sure that heat could be better abstracted.

Oval-shaped head: Oval-shaped head aluminum alloy housing is designed to resolve the light shade problem, but appearance fails to be satisfied by customers.

1/2 head: The cross-section of aluminum alloy housing is semi-circle, which is called 1/2 head aluminum alloy housing. Today 1/2 head aluminum alloy housing and D-Type head aluminum alloy housing are commonly used in LED tube market.

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