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Useful Tips on Choosing Best-quality T8 LED Tubes

LED technology based tube lights are rapidly growing in popularity because of their ability to produce cool illumination in an assured way. As we can see, LED tubes are widely used for transporting natural or artificial light for illumination.

LED tube light is different greatly, in size, material and quality. In the market, we can find millions of manufacturers who claimed they can make the best- quality LED tubes. However, how can a LED tube be called as a best-quality LED tubes? Here I take T8 led tubes as an example to tell you how to choose a desirable T8 LED tubes.

You should firstly take the light output of the LED tubes into consideration. The light tubes are usually measured as "lumens". It will be greatly helpful to let you know whether the particular lamp can be bright or not. We can see that many new fixtures have reflective materials to enhance the light output on a given work surface. Manufacturer Reputation, due to the huge increase of poor quality LED lights manufacturer that appear and disappear on a daily basis I would recommend a company that has been in business for a number of years.

The second one you should consider is Kelvin, but color temperature is also important to to assure you can achieve the look and feel of the light for your specific lighting project. Typical T8 LED tube lamps 1.2M Kelvin color temperatures include Warm White (2700-3200k), Natural White (4000-4500k, Day White (5500-6000k) and Cool White (6500-7000k).

End type is also very important and shouldnt be ignored when choosing the right tube. It is important to determine the end power type of the fixture you are going to replace. Standard end types include single end and double end power. You should choose the appropriate lamp to avoid additional retrofit labor.

Last but not least, you should consider the working voltage. Due to the wide voltage that can be found in any commercial facility, it is important to be aware of the voltage of your facility. Most quality T8 LED tube light 1.2M can accommodate voltage between 120-277VAC. This can assure your company that the tubes will operate regardless if the system is 120v or 240v.

When youre planning for T8/T5/T10 LED lighting, take consideration for these factors carefully and you will then be able be get the best quality LED tube lights.

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