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What to do if a lamp containing mercury breaks

The only time you as a consumer may be exposed to mercury is if the glass of the lamp is cracked or broken. If this happens, follow these rules to minimize your exposure:

· Don't PANIC! Remember that a fluorescent lamp contains only a very small amount of mercury.

· Be careful not to cut yourself on shards of glass.

· If the lamp was broken in a luminaire, make sure to disconnect the power to avoid the risk of electric shock.

· Gather up the fragments of the lamp, sweeping them up if possible.

· Use a disposable towel or sticky tape to remove small pieces or dust.

· Use a vacuum cleaner only if the surface leaves no alternative (carpet). Dispose of the vacuum bag containing the lamp fragments.

· Remove the fragments of the lamp from the inside of your home, i.e. by placing them in a bag and carrying them outside.

· Ventilate the room.

· Dispose of both cracked and non-functioning lamps correctly.

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