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The Role of China in the Global Lighting Market

Economic development of China after its formation (1949) and before the death of Mao Zedong (1976) noted a number of erroneous decisions, and even crises.
Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping (until 1997) ideologically dominated socialist planned economy step by step, under the leadership of the Communist Party was transformed into a "socialist market economy".
On this basis the last 24 years China's GDP has grown by 10 times. He is currently about $ 1,013 per year (2 nd place in the world - after the USA).
German businessmen expressed regret that their country is irretrievably lost to China its global leadership in the export of goods.

In the production of light sources have already gone are the days when China does not have his own innovative capacity, was a "plant" with cheap labor for foreign corporations (Philips, Osram, General Electric).
At the XII International Symposium on Development of light sources (Eindhoven, July 2010) China was represented by 25 specialists (5 place in the number of participants), and compared with previous international forums, the subject of reports became more urgent, and their quality improved significantly.

Only 4 Chinese party held the symposium are working in the branches mentioned Electro concerns, the other 20 - are employees of Chinese enterprises and academic institutions, among which 3 large photometric center and the "Institute for Electric Light Sources" at the Shanghai Fudan University.

Megaman, founded in the 90-ies. in Germany as a direct marketing company, together with his business in Hong Kong ["Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Ltd.] for several years already is the world leader in product range and volumes of integrated compact fluorescent lamps.
Guide Megaman promptly responded to the urgent challenge of the market: has mastered the wide range of types of LED "reflex" lamps of from 4 to 20 Watt.

Quite far-sighted was the formation in October 2004, "CSA - China Solid State Lighting Alliance" ("Chinese alliance semiconductor lighting), which teamed up electronic and lighting industry, research institutions and government agencies. The Secretary-General CSA - Wu Ling at the Symposium in Eindhoven, told a rather optimistic plans for the development of LED lighting in China: by 2015 the proportion of LED lamps and bulbs in general lighting sector will increase to 20%.
Since China has already started serial production of white LEDs with a luminous efficacy 100 lm / W, we can expect that in the next 5 years will be achieved value of 150 lm / watt.
In order to reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs started upgrading of street lighting systems in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities: sodium lamps are replaced with LED modules, special lamps with optimized light distribution.

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