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What are LED lights and why they are called

What are LED lights and why they are called "light of the future"?

- LED lighting - one of the promising areas of artificial lighting, based on the use of LEDs as a light source. LED - an element which with high efficiency converts electrical energy into light. Actively use these light sources in Russia are only the beginning of two thousandth. The development of LED lighting is directly related to the technological evolution of the LED. Have been developed so-called super-bright LEDs are specifically designed for artificial lighting.

Compared to conventional incandescent bulbs LEDs have many advantages. They are economical to use energy as compared to prior generations of electric light sources - arc, filament and gas discharge. For an optimal power supply circuit design and application of high-quality components average lifetime of LED lighting systems can be increased to 100 thousand hours, which is 50-200 times more massive than incandescent bulbs and 4-16 times greater than that of most fluorescent lamps.

It is also possible to obtain different spectral characteristics without the use of filters (as in the case of filament lamps). Among the manufacturers of LED light sources is considered the most promising area is functionally in terms of energy efficiency, and cost and practical application. LED - lighting the basis of the future.

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