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4 quality standards aspects of Road lighting

4 quality standards aspects of Road lighting

1, The brightness level

There different measurement requirements of the brightness according the road level. The general expressway and main road asphalt pavement all require the brightness requirement above 2cd / ; the requirements of minor roads and auxiliary roads or residential roads are relatively low;

2, the average illumination

The average illuminance refers to the average of all illumination of the road surface, which is the unit of illumination intensity, generally expressed by lx;

3, glare

Road lighting should strive to be uncomfortable glare limited to a certain range, the general value of the G said, under normal circumstances G = 7, G = 1 will make it unbearable commonly known as light pollution;

4, visual induction

The direction of the road should be viewed by the driver in the certain distance.

For the sake of traffic safety, Strictly control the quality of the road lighting product is very important!!

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