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How to install LED Tube ----installation of led tube and wiring instructions

Tips: LED tube has two ways installation: all in one led tube series and bracket led tube
Installation of all in one led tube
How to fix all in one led tube (image reference)
All in one led tube accessories have two stainless steel retainers for install the led tube, firstly fix the stainless steel retainers according the led tube length and install position. (the distance between retainers is a third of led tube length)

installation of led tube light

Then put the led tube in retainer

How to wiring the all in one led tube (image reference)

all in one led tube

PS: The white line can connect the live line or natural line; the yellow one is earth wire so it can’t be connected with live or natural line.
The series installation of all in one led tube (image reference)

all in one led tube

PS: Quantity of led tubes should be consider in this way of series installation. If used in China each led tube’s wattage is 7W, so that led tube inside wire is electrical wire 18#, it can be connected above 157pcs led tubes (Wire diameter*rate voltage*rate current/power=quantity of led tubes), also can connect above hundred led tubes if reserved part of space.

Bracket led tubeBracket led tube

The installation of bracket led tube
All bracket led tube application in home and office have the ballast, type of electronic ballast and inductance ballast.
1- The installation of inductance ballast bracket led tube, reference image.
installation led tube

Ps: Don’t install led tube before remove the starter and ballast, if not will burn the led tube.

2- The installation of electronic ballast bracket led tube
a. According Pic1, remove the electronic ballast than connect the live line and natural line with both ends of led tube.

all in one led tube

PS: a. The electronic ballast of fluorescent tubes in wireframe need to remove, the outside line is the way of led tube’s wiring.
b. All wire connect place used electrical tape to insulated, not allowed the live part exposed.

led tube light

3. Application show the effect of bracket led tube installation

fluorescent led tube
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