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About LED Products Light Decay

LED Droops means optical signal attenuation in the transmission. At this stage, LED light fades degree are difference from global LED Manufacturers, high power led products also has droops problem, this directly related to temperature and is mainly determined by the chip, phosphors and package technology. Currently, the white LED light decay is the big problem to enter civil lighting market. LED droops are the following two major factors:

1. The quality of LED Lighting products

a: Used bad led dies contribution , brightness decreases rapidly

b: Deficiency exists in the production process, LED grain heat cannot be derived from the Pin feet, for which causes high temperature of LED grain and quicken the chip's attenuation.

2. Use Condition

a. LED is constant current driver, but some use voltage driver speed-up the LED brightness decay.

b. Overload current driver。

Actually, there many reason leads to the led droops, but the big problem is heating. If some manufacturer are not particularly pay attention to cooling issues the LED products droops degree is higher. LED grain’s resistance, influence of silver plastic, the cooling effect of the substrate, as well as aspects of colloids and gold wire are also concerned with light decay.

Texting led lighting products use made in Taiwan from some lighting manufacturer, found that when lighting the temperature is 140-150℃,under 5000h’s led decay is more than 60% . It can’ t used because of its light decay is too large. If used American company Cree’s LED, when lighting the temperature keeping under 100℃, 5000h’s light decay can less than 30%, all we can see this kind of led droops is small, so can used in luminaries.

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