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CA Title 24-Building Energy Efficiency&Lighting Control

In the United States, residential and commercial buildings cost more energy and emit more carbon dioxide than either the industrial or the transportation sector. Building energy efficiency has been one key part of sound public policy.

Title 24 California&Lighting control

Energy Code

Energy policy and regulations had been rolled out continuously to enhance building energy efficiency in the United States. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) energy standard specifies the minimum energy-related requirements for a building, named Energy Code. Building energy codes and standards set minimum requirements for energy—efficient design and construction of new buildings as well as additions and renovations of existing buildings.

Title 20

Title 20 is part of the Appliance Efficiency Regulation and California Code of Regulations that requires manufacturer certification of “self-contained” lighting control devices in California. " Self-contained" lighting control devices are defined as discrete lighting control devices that can perform their designed function without the requirement of being connected to additional devices.

However, lighting control systems do not apply to Title 20 and are not listed in the database. Different from self-contained device, devices that require the connection of an additional component to provide lighting control functionality are considered lighting control system.

Title 24

Prior to July 1, 2014, a separate Title 24 database was maintained by the CEC listing lighting control systems that were self-certified by manufacturers to meet the requirements outlined by CA Title 24 energy code.

Title 24 is part of the California Code of Regulations Building Energy Efficiency Standards with the goal to reduce energy usage in building spaces. California building energy standards have saved more than $74B in electricity costs since 1975. Previous versions of Title 24 outlined requirements for products to make spaces energy efficient. In the past the CEC maintained a product list of Title 24 compliant products for customer information.

As of July, 1 2014 the Title 24 2013 version of code no longer maintain a product list of Title 24 compliant products. The current version of code outlines standards that spaces must meet in order to meet Title 24 requirements. In addition the new version of code defines that a product cannot be Title 24 compliant it can only contribute to the space being a Title 24 compliant space.

Tips for LED Lamps

Lighting control will be gradually applied in lamps. Here bellow is some basics for LED lamps carried out in America.

LED Panel Lights Requirements:

1.Dimming is a must

2.0-10V/triac or regular dimmer switch dimmable

3.Internal or external driver available

LED Down Light

1.Dimming is a must


3.Triac or regular dimmer switch dimmable

LED Tube

1. Triac dimming popular present, 0-10V dimmable is the trend

2. External driver implementation for dimming function

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