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America: LED Rebates&Incentives for LED Lighting Upgrade

Energy Rebates in America

Energy rebates in America have carried out for a long time. It is surely to say that energy rebates&incentives programs can be very complex in US. Rebates programs cover many items including lighting, LED lighting, lighting controls/sensors, heat pumps, freezers,equipment insulation,etc. Accordingly LED lighting rebates and incentives vary by different types and application such residential or commercial. Furthermore, we should consider the states rebates policies. There are more than 30 states in America that had conducted energy rebates, each has regulated various projects and policies. For more information visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency(

LED Rebates&Incentives

Lighting is one important expense for business and daily life, approximately 35% electricity consumption. Enhancing the efficiency of lighting system can greatly improve the quality of lighting application.

American Federation and each state has encouraged users and utilities to buy more energy efficient lighting. LED lighting upgrade for traditional fluorescent, CFL, incandescent, halogen has become the trend developing very fast. LED rebates and incentives for lighting upgrade is incorporated into energy rebates programs since the early rebates issuing period.

Keep in mind that there are some basics to be followed for LED rebates program.

All LED lighting equipments must be new to be eligible for rebates and incentives. Used equipment is not eligible for LED rebates or incentives:

1. Incentive capped at 50% of the project total including installation.

2. LEDs must be UL and on the DLC qualified product list.

3. Indoor and outdoor incentives are available as well for LED lighting upgrades.

(Note: SYHDEE DLC&UL listed LED tube lights are available for LED rebates programs, information please inquire our DLC qualified LED tube lights)

Custom and Prescriptive LED Rebates

There are currently two different kinds of rebates, Custom and Prescriptive.

Prescriptive Rebates provide a specific predetermined dollar amount for each fixture or lamp replaced, for example: save $12 / lamp.

Custom Rebates are based on the total energy savings of a specific project, for example, the amount of kWh saved from switching to one technology over another ($0.05 / kWh saved annually).

How LED Rebates Help You Save More on Your Bill

Here is one sample example identified how LED rebates help you save more on your electricity bill.

LED Rebates Enhance LED Lighting Upgrade

LED Tube
Fluorescent Lamp
Nominal Wattage
Annual Operation Hours(Hrs)

10hrs per day

3650hrs per year

10hrs per day

3650hrs per year

KWh Rate
Annual Energy Cost


Annual Electricity Cost
NO. of Lamps(e.g.)
Total Electricity Cost
Custom Rebate(0.05usd/kw)

Hypothetical Lamp Price
Total Lighting Project Cost: Without Rebates

Total Lighting Project Cost: With Rebates

Estimated Annual Energy Savings

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