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How to Make Your LED Lighting Design for Office

Office lighting design plays an important part in office modern decoration. For work staff, comfortable and relaxing work environment can greatly influence their work efficiency and mood.

Most companies and working places applied appropriate LED lamps to decorate their office rooms. Most of the LED lights products include LED tube, LED down lights, LED panel lights, LED linear lamps,etc. SYHDEE, one LED lighting company helps you make one perfect office LED lighting solution.

LED lighting design solution for reception lobby

An Example of LED Lighting System in Reception Area( Photo Courtesy of SYHDEE)

Reception Lobby

Reception lobby is the most important place that presents one company’s image and brand. SYHDEE applied LED panel lights and LED down lights in reception lighting design, which makes the entire hall brilliant and bright. Mind that do not use pendant LED lights that make the hall seem depressing and narrow. In addition, extra album and painting of one company will well showcase the company’s style and enterprise culture.

led lighting for office

An Example of Lighting Design Solution for Office(Photo Courtesy of SYHDEE)

Office Room

Open-type office room is the main application area. Comfort and uniformity are the basics to be considered. Lighting design for open office should combine the stereoscopic space and other function areas. For example, the working table with dam-board can reduce the dazzling of light.

office led lighting solution

An Example of Lighting Design Solution for Office(Photo Courtesy of SYHDEE)

Furthermore, different building materials have great impact on lighting effect. SYHDEE’s new office room adopts LED tube lights for its decoration. Grey carpet is characterized by rough surface, diffusing the ceiling light softly and making people feel much more comfortable; white ceiling and working table are able to brighten the whole space.

led lights for office space

An Example of Lighting Design in Meeting Room (Photo Courtesy of SYHDEE)

Meeting Room

Lighting design for meeting room is much easier. Keep in mind that placing bright tube lights or LED panel lights on the top of council board, creating an atmosphere of concentration and unity.

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