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Three Key Techniques of LED Fluorescent Tube

Optical properties(light distribution): The optical property of LED fluorescent tube is mainly related to the brightness, spectrum and color and other aspects of property requirements. According to the latest industry standard, "the test method of semiconductor light-emitting diode” primarily contains emission peak, wavelength, the bandwidth of the spectrum radiation, the intensity angle of axial luminous, luminous flux, radiant flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and dominant wavelength, CRI and other parameters. About the usual white light LED among LED fluorescent tubes, color temperature, color rendering index and illumination intensity are particularly important, which are an important indicator of the lighting atmosphere and lighting effects, but color purity and dominant wavelength generally are not required strictly. The mainstream practice in the industry is that distribute light at the time lamp is made,after packaged LED chip form light source or light source module, which adopts in existing traditional modus operandi of light sources.

How to better improve the property of light? The world's latest technology is that distribute light on the chip package, and guide out light of the chip one time, to maintain the maximum output of light, so that the rate of light loss is only 5% -10%. As the technology continues to improve, the rate of light loss will be less and less, the efficiency light source will be higher and higher. Also the lamp equipped with such light source does not need light distribution, and the efficiency of the fixtures will greatly improve, making it more widely used to functional lighting, and forming a considerable market channel. So the easiest way for a good LED supplier is to let the supplier white LED coordinate, and we do not need to spend high price to research how our LED to distribute light well, do not need engineers to spend a lot of time and effort allows to use software to simulate. As you know, if our engineers use software to simulate, then the necessary action is to input and output. Input is to import data early, and export is the result of simulation, which requires the data imported early must be accurate in order to simulate correctly.

Thermal management: LED luminous efficiency and power is one of the key word of LED industry, in the meantime, the junction temperature of LED PN and the heat radiation of shell are particularly important. The greater the difference are between the temperature of PN and the temperature light body, the huger the heat resistance, then light energy is converted into heat energy and is consumed in vain, and even the LED will be damaged. A good structural engineer not only considers the structure of the lamp and the heat resistance LED, but also considers whether the shape of the lamp is reasonable, fashionable, new, of course, reliable and maintainable and practical. It is necessary to consider products standing at the point of the designer and the user.

Today the common technique is to use aluminum plate to package. The heat radiation and the efficiency of light conversion have bottleneck of the core technology, and cannot effectively control the junction temperature and maintain the stead output of high power light. Higher light efficiency of chip required greater area of aluminum plate, which will increase the cost and application volume and is very inconvenient. So how to open up a new path out of this misunderstanding is the central feature of the new technology. Under the premise of keeping costs low and passive cooling, use high heat transfer medium, through new device / overall structure of lamp, to reduce heat resistance and the junction temperature of PN, so that the PN works in the allowable operating temperature, keeping the maximum amount of photons output. The minimum requirements are as follows:

(1) Ultra-low heat resistance material, the rapidly cooling overall structure technique;

(2) High heat conduction, packaging technology resisting UV;

(3) Apply structure technology of low environmental stress;

(4) Overall heat resistance <20K / W, junction temperature <80 degrees;

(5) The operating temperature of LED illuminant module should be controlled below 65 ℃.

Electrical Performance: If we compared one LED fluorescent tube lamp to a girl, light distribution is her connotation, structure is her looks, and electron is her heart. (The people catching people's eyes are always those stylish babes with beautiful looks, and the products also do so). If people have no heart, there is no life; if the lamp have no electron,it will not be electric source. A good driving power can determine the life span of a product. The criteria and parameters of electron are often much more complex than the structure, and effort on pre-development is relatively large. The current trend and update of technology are changing day by day. The engineers have to spend a lot of effort learning, absorbing, decomposing, and applying new technologies. The entire process, pre-plan, mid implementation, post-molding of electron design, need to form document and data, which is the most complicated things. For example: pre-program of design, product profiles, basis of standards, expectations of electrical properties, process requirements, materials evaluation, testing methods, and so on must form system files.

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