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Overall Analyses on LED Tube Lamp Structural Components

led tube lamp

I. Major Structural Units of LED tube lamp

1. LED(Light Source)


As light source, LED is the most promising one with the advantage of energy cost reduction and environment friendliness. SMD LED is generally applied to LED tube lamp as light source. Type LED2835 and LED3528 are the typical ones applied in LED tube lights. Type LED3014 and LED5050, however, were still occasionally used with the only advantage of lower cost. Major LED tube manufacturers preferred to adopt LED2835 and LED3528. Comparatively speaking, LED2835 is much more acceptable in lighting industry. LED2835 is able to meet requirements in indoor lighting application. Moreover, 2835 light source is lower on cost and bear broader luminous area. Whereas, LED3528 is prior to LED2835 on warranty and lifetime. Governmental lighting projects that are strictly suggested that LED lamp lifespan should be more than 3 years commonly adopt LED3528 as light source.

2.LED Driver

LED driver

Currently two LED drivers are applied in LED tube lights: constant current(C.C.) LED driver and constant current constant voltage(C.C.C.V.) LED driver. C.C. LED driver is high on power efficiency and PF is above 0.9. It is cost-effective. C.C.C.V LED driver is highly stable on performance while lower on efficacy and the cost is very high. Considering material cost and efficacy, most LED lighting manufacturers would adopt C.C. LED driver for general indoor lighting. While for safety and international standard consideration, C.C.C.V. LED driver is the better choice.

3. External Kits for LED tube lamp

Five primary kits for LED tube lamp include PCB, PC cover, wires, aluminum and end caps. PCB board is made up from glass fiber or aluminum substrate. Glass fiber PCB is excellent on insulation performance. While aluminum substrate PCB, as well as aluminum shell, is good for heat sink. Aluminum is the metal shell to support PCB board and designed with the priority of heat dissipation. PC lenses adopts V0 optical material to solve light transmittance problem. Wires used in tube lamps are characterized by decent insulation for electrical safety purpose. End caps materials are the same with lenses in order to ensure pressure-endurance and appearance stability and beauty. While selecting kits for LED tube lamps, LED tube manufacturers need to decide on a range, taking PCB dimension, PC lenses efficacy,Aluminum thickness,etc. into consideration before producing.

aluminum alloyed shell

pc lenses

pcb board

end caps


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