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LED Tube Replacement for Fluorescent Tube Helps You Save on Electric Bill

As one customer, businesses or homeowner, you might be wondering why I should replace older fluorescent tube lights with LED tube lights when purchasing lights tube for lighting retrofits. Featured by less energy consumption, green and safe light source, LED has been labeled as the latest new energy efficient lighting product. Here bellow tells you the benefit of LED tube replacement for fluorescent tube lights

LED Tube replacement for fluorescent tube lights

Why Select LED Tube Instead of Fluorescent Tube Lights

Safe and Sustainable

Fluorescent tube lights contains mercury vapor, which is harmful to human beings and environment. While LED tube is made up of non-toxic substance that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Less Power Consumption

As a rule, 40W four-foot fluorescent lamps can be replaced by 18W 4ft LED tube of the same emitting flux, approximately half power consumption of fluorescent ones.

Reasonable Price

Although customers have been considering price of LED tube lights may be higher, yet it is no doubt that LED tube price is much more acceptable and reasonable in the market nowadays.

How to Help You Save on Electric Bill

Chart bellow shows that how LED tube replacement can help you save on electric bill.

Item Name Fluorescent Tube LED Tube
Dimension&Wattage 36W/4ft 18W/4ft
Operating Hours 10hrs per day, 3650hrs per year
kWh Rate 0.1
Annual Energy Consumption 131400W=131.4kWh 65700W=65.7kWh

Annual Energy Cost


×100 lamps per space
$1314 per year
$657 per year
Estimated Cost Saving =657 per year in total

This example is one case that shows the comparison of 100 lamps in a space by using 36W 4ft fluorescent tube lamps and 18W 4ft LED tube, operating 3650hrs per year (10hrs per day) at the cost of $0.1 per kWh. All above presented that LED tube replacement for your fluorescent tube lights can help save half the energy cost on your electricity bill.

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