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Comparison Between T8 LED Tube and T5 LED Tube

This article shall give an introduction to the general T8 LED tube and T5 LED tube that are commonly applied in LED lighting today. By means of comparison between LED tube T8 and T5 on specifications and application, you will be much clear about how to choose the proper LED tube solutions.

T5 LED Tube VS T8 LED Tube

For new comers, it is hard to distinguish T8 LED tube and T5 LED tube. Here is the brief contrast between the two on specification as bellow.

You might ask what “ T” means while you are asking for information about T8/T5. “ T” stands for “ tubular” or “ tube”. The figure behind T indicates the tube diameter. One “ T” equals the length of 1/8 inch, so the diameter of T8 is one inch. By that way, diameter of T5 LED tube is 5/8 inch. Obviously, LED tube T5 is thinner than T8 LED tube in shape.

Concerning different applications, two types LED tube lights have its own disadvantage. As is the same with traditional fluorescent tube T5 and T8, LED tube lights T5 T8 is new replacement for the old lamps. T5 tube lights is usually used in factory and laboratory, where light should be highly collected and concentrated for work. Compared with T8 with the same power watt, tube T5 is more efficient on luminous output with narrow beam angle. Structurally, T5 has three designs-single tube, tube with lamp holder as well as integrated tube T5.

t5 led tube with three design

Single tube and tube T5 with lamp holder is usually used for retrofit and upgrade. Single tube with existing holder or tube lights plus new lamp holder. And all in one integrated T5 tube is applied in new buildings for easy installation without rewiring. Plus, T5 LED tube mostly adopts external driver system.

Compared with T5 tube, LED t8 tube is much more commonly employed everywhere as in office, supermarket, hotel, hotel,etc. Since T8 is considered as the standard size, T8 tube lights is the most common one accepted and applied in different countries. In that ridiant angle of tube t8 is wide(120°-270°), the light of T8 LED tube is uniform and soft, not so striking as that of tube T5. T8 LED tube adopts built-in driver or external driver system.

On structure, there are two types tube lights-round and ellipse. Ellipse design LED tube llight greatly solves the dark spot problem in lighting.

t8 tube lights

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