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Tips on How to Choose LED Lighting Solutions

How to Choose LED Lighting Solutions

Nowadays as the LED lighting grows more mature, the lighting market is filled with LED lighting solutions. For customers, it is really difficult to figure out which LED lighting solution is most suitable for them in terms of various demands. This article will give you some tips on how to choose the right LED lighting solutions (Let us take LED tube as an example).

You might encounter such problems when purchasing LED tube lights. The salesman may ask you such question, for example, what is the dimension of LED tube, what is the power watt you demand, what is the application you apply LED tube light, etc. These are the points that help the salesmen judge how to offer you the right LED lighting solutions, and judged by which, salesmen will finally decide the proper solutions for their customers. Bellow let us make analyses on such basic questions and help you select the appropriate LED lighting solutions.

This is one case study as following:

Salesman A: Hello, this is XXX from XXXX, can I help you?

Customer B: Hello, this is YYY from YYY, I want to purchase some LED tubes from your company.

Salesman A: There, Mr. Y, which type LED tube you want to purchase, T8, T5, T12…①

Customer B: T8

Salesman A: What is the dimension and power watt you require? ②

Customer B: 4ft LED tube light with 18W power supply.

Salesman A: Where do you apply these LED tube lights? ③

Customer B: Apply LED tube light to replace fluorescent tube lights for our factory.

Salesman A: There, is there any specific request for your order concerning certification? ④

Customer B: This LED tube lights should be UL listed.

Salesman A: ….

From these four questions above we can basically figure out which LED tube solution best fit your demand. Q① the salesman wants to see what kind of LED tube you intend to buy. Q② after checking out your real intention, the salesman will ask for the next question about the specific parameters. About LED tube light, the dimension and power watt are the two specific questions customers care most. Q③ is about LED tube application, by asking that question, salesman asks for more information to confirm the CRI( color rendering index) and CCT(correlated color temperature). CRI and CCT are different while applied in different situations. For example, for clothing shop, salesman would like to recommend you high CRI LED tube lighting whereas in bedroom or cafe, salesman would advise you 2800-3200K is much harmonious and comfortable. Q④ is about safety question. Different countries in the world bear their own standard and requirement on electrical safety. LED lights exported into different countries should achieve authentication correspondingly. Such as UL FCC DLC for America, VDE for Germany, SAA C-Tick for Australia, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to get to know more information to determine your final solutions, here are some factors you can take into considerations. Light failure, warranty, IES test report can help you confirm more electrical technical parameters.

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