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New Compatible LED Tube Directly Replaces Fluorescent Tube Lights

This new Syhdee compatible LED tube lights is compatible with both inductive and electronic ballast. Directly replace old fluorescent fixtures, which requires no rewire and enables LED light tube retrofit for traditional tube lights to finished in a second. With 5,0000h lifespan and and more than 60% energy saving, LED tube lights compatible can save you cost a great deal.

Syhdee: Compatible LED Tube

Performance: This new compatible LED tube can perform very well. Compatible with inductive ballast without removing starter and compatible with electronic ballast, this type LED tube adopts the non-isolated power supply of maximum electrical current 480mA.

Installation: Easy to install compatible LED tube. No rewiring, no electrician to install them! You can simply detach T8 fluorescent tube lights from fixture and change it with compatible LED tube. Very easy to get going!

Compatible LED Tube Lights Wiring Diagram

Compatible LED tube lights are considerably used in European countries to ensure human electrical safety and reduce electricity consumption. Adopting this ballast compatible LED tube lights, you can save your labor and long-term energy cost. For more information, please get details from our LED tube catalog.

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