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How to Make One LED Tube Light

One finished LED tube light constitutes of mainly four parts: LEDs, LED driver, PCB, and structural components, each part of which is processed strictly to specification. This article will give you an introduction to how to make one LED tube light.

led tube lights

This is the overall procedures for LED tube lights process:

A.Before Processing

Before all the processing procedures, materials comes the first place. Select the reliable LEDs, power supply, PCB, PC cover, aluminum alloyed housing, etc.

After all materials have been selected carefully, all materials should be tested 100%. This is the IQC and QC processing to insure raw materials 100% is up to grade.

how to make led light-SMT technology

B. LED Tube Lights Processing

1.The first sample item

To make the first sample LED tube lights item is the best policy to ensure batch production. So the first sample producing and checking should be taken as priority for all and follow-up work.

2.Batch Production Processing

While the first sample is finished and checked up to standard, it comes to the batch production processing:

1)SMT processing procedures

SMT technology is applied in the encapsulation of LEDs and PCB. Most SMT workshop serves the function showed as below:

Dispenser Machine: At first solder paste should be dipped on the dispenser machine for the follow-on work.

Automatical SMT Machine: And then, LEDs are mounted on PCB board through SMT machine.

Reflow Soldering Machine: After that, PCB boards are put into reflow soldering machine for Melting, joining and solidification of two coated metal layers by heating up the surface and solder paste.

Testing after all the procedures is needed after all.

2)Assembly Processing Lines

Here comes the assembly processing line:

Cut PCB boards--Alloyed Aluminum Housing Hole drilling and boring--Dip soldering for electrical wires--Soldering wires onto PCB--LED driver Put into Alloyed aluminum housing gutter--PCB put into aluminum gutter--Connect power supply electrical wires onto PCB-Encapsulate End caps--Cleaning PC cover--Buckle PC cover with Aluminum housing--Finished LED tube lights checking--Cleaning.

And this is the IPQC for LED tube lighting processing.

led tube processing

C. Experimental Test

And here is the final step for finished tube lights detection(OQC) before qualified goods ship out.

The basic testing includes light and shock test, drop test and aging Test, constant temperature and humidity test, integrating sphere test,etc.

experimental test for tube lights

This is the end of LED tube lights processing introduction.

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