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Brief Introduction to Electrolytic Capacitor

LED driver, as one important part in LED tube lights, has been the decisive factor that affects LED tube lifespan. And electrolytic capacitor is the core component of LED driver that directly influences LED driver life expectancy. So how to select electrolytic capacitor for LED driver is one that determines LED tube lifetime.

Electrolytic capacitor is one kind of capacitor that electrolyte has been the major part of cathode. Electrolytic capacitor is characterized by larger volume, nearly hundred times than other type capacitors. Rated capacity can reach up to ten thousand μf or some f. Moreover, electrolytic capacitor is overwhelmingly superior at price. For electrolytic capacitor is constituted of common industrial materials and can be processed by bulk production, thus reducing cost greatly.

Today electrolytic capacitor has been widely employed in household appliance and electronics products with its advantage of huge capacity.

Here are some branded electrolytic capacitor suppliers that manufacture electrolytic capacitors, branded Nippon Chemi-con, Nichion, Rubycon, Panasonic, Hitachi, ELNA in Japan; LELON, SUSCON, TEAPO, CAPXON in Taiwan; Beryl, Acon, Chang, Xunda, capsun,TH in Hongkong; and ELEBASIC, ITEDCON, KENDEIL, CDE, BHC, EVERALPHA in Europe and North America.

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