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What is MOCVD(Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition)

The fundamental principle of LED epitaxial growth technology is that on substrate film in case of proper temperature, gaseous substances(In, Ga, Al, P) shall be transported to substrate surface in control to grow specific polycrystalline film.

The primary LED epitaxial growth technology today is MOCVD(Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition), which is a start-up technique to produce compound semiconductor membrane, put forward by US Rockwell company.

Here is the advantage of MOCVD:

1) Constituents and dopant that make up crystalline compounds can work directly in reaction chamber by gas, which can take charge of epitaxial components, conduction type, carrier concentration, thickness through gas flow.

2) With evacuating equipment, gas-flow rate is fast. As for heteroepitaxial growth, reactant gas can switch very fast to form sharp interface.

3) Course of reaction can be controlled by substrate temperature monitoring.

4) Under certain conditions, the epitaxial growth speed is in proportion to the supply of metal organic source.

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