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What is LED SiC Substrate

Similar to silicon substrate, SiC substrate is one kind of chemical materials that is adopted in LED chip. Electrode of SiC-based LED chip is laterial-type and electric current is vertical-flow. SiC substrate is characterized by good electrical conductivity and excellent thermal conduction property, which is conducive to power LED making.

Compared with conventional proven silicon substrate and GaAs substrate, SiC substrate is predominant on work temperature, high voltage withstand and anti-radiation and has become the most mature wide band-gap semi-conductor with the advantages of high heat conductivity, high breakdown stress and high saturation electronic drift velocity. It can meet the new requirements for high temperature, high frequency, high power, high voltage pressure and radioresistance that modern electronics techniques bring up nowadays. Therefore, SiC substrate is regarded as one of the most promising optical materials. Moreover, since SiC and GaN are well-matched on lattice and thermal dilatation, SiC substrate has become an optimal material for super brightness GaN semiconductor.

The heat conductivity of SiC substrate is tenfold higher than sapphire substrate. Sapphire substrate is one substance that can conduct electricity well but heat poorly. Yet, laterial-type electrode for SiC substrate makes it easier to dissipate heat directly through electrode surface. In addition, SiC substrate does work without electrical current diffusion layer, by which thus light can not be absorbed and ultimately improving light emitting efficiency. Whereas, it is worth mentioning, because of the high cost of SiC substrate manufacturing, commercialization of SiC substrate is a long way to go.

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