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Inside Look of Chip LED Manufacturing Process

LED chip manufacturing technology is one of the key techniques in LED manufacturing industry that can influence LED lighting application. High-end chip LED manufacturing technique can increase LED brightness and luminous efficiency. Nowadays chip LED technology of Japan,America,Korea and China Taiwan is in the leading position over the world.

Here is the main chip LED manufacturing process:

(1) Fixation: Put silicon wafer on workbench

(2) Slice: Slice LED chip into geometric thin chips

(3) Annealing: Purge double location thermal oxidation furnace with nitrogen and then infrared heating to 300-500; silicon surface react chemically with form protective layer.

(4) Chamfer: Annealed silicon wafer chamfered into circular arc to prevent the silicon chip edge from fracture and lattice imperfection.

(5) Stepping Test: Stepping test to insure LED chip standard and quality

(6) Grinding: Grinding the saw cut and mechanical affected layer to perfect the curvature, flatness and parallelism of silicon wafer.

(7) Cleaning: Dissolve the organic impurities by organic solvent and and ultrasonic cleaning technology.

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