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LED Welding Problems Existing in Soldering Process

LED welding is one key step in LEDs soldering process. Non-standard operations can lead to weld defects, only to damage LED interior components. Attentions should be paid to such welding problems bellow.

1. Welding temperature: With high welding temperature, LED chips will be burned out. In order to protect LED

chips from burning, the gap between LED colloid and and PC should be at least2mmto dissipate the welding heat

through lead line.

1) Iron soldering: The peak temperature is not higher than300 and the soldering time no more than 3s. Position of welding is2cmfar away from LED colloid. Welding iron should be earthed.

2) Wave soldering: The highest temperature for dip soldering is not more than260and dip soldering time no more than 5s. Position of dip soldering is2cmfar from LED colloid.

2. Avoid welding with hot-line work.

3. Refrain from hot work,if any, heat dissipation shall come first.

4. Anti-static is a must in soldering process.

5. The current is no more than 20mA ; optimum current is 15-19Ma.

6. Refrain from any shock and exogenous actions before LED temperature returns to normal.

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