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LED Technical Parameters Related to Different Occasions

LED is one type of semiconductor that can transfer electricity into light, which is characterized

by multiple features. There are several factors to be considered when assessing the LED specification.

Compared with traditional light resource, LED is a new one. LED technical parameters can generally be

divided into eight categories: photometric quantity, radiometric quantities, colorimetric quantities,

geometric quantity, electric parameter measurement, thermal measurement, time domain

measurement and other relevant parameters. According to various test reports, China Institute of

Metrology suggests that intensity of light, luminous flux, radiation intensity and radiant flux are the main test

items; the less of important items include correlated color temperature, bandwidth, color rendering index

and wavelength; the less of less important items might contain semi-angle, Tj(junction temperature) and

thermal resistance. With the development of power LED, capacity and lifespan tests have become popular

and significant.

As related to different conditions, requests for parameters vary greatly. LEDs on screen application pay

much ore attention on brightness, beam angle distribution and light color; while LEDs on general

lighting takes attach importance to luminous flux, light beam distribution, light color, color rendering

index, etc.

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