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What is Light Failure

LED Light failure refers to the reduction of light intensity during the transmission. Light failure is determined by LED chip, phosphor, and LED encapsulation. Light failure of white LED has become a question of questions to step into the residential lighting. Mainly there are two factors that influence LED light failure.

1) Quality of LED light

(1) Quality of LED-grain can affect the light failure. With LED-grain of high quality, light will decay slower.

(2) LED-grain production process shall impress the LED-grain thermal conductivity, thus resulting in the light failure.

2) Work condition

(1) Most LEDs works under the constant current condition, while some under the constant voltage, which will boost the light failure.

(2) Light failure shall be increased if the drive current is higher than rated current.

All above, there are many factors that influence light failure, of which thermal problem is the key point. It is the best way to deal with the heat dissipation so that light failure can greatly reduce.

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