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LED Driver

As a rule, three types of power are usually used as LED driver: isolated power supply, non-isolated power supply linear power supply. Here is a general introduction to LED driver.

Isolated power and non-isolated power belong to switched-mode power supply, which adopts capacitor and inductor as storage devices to control the transmittance of electricity.

Linear power supply is one kind of power which can response to the change of load quickly without storage devices. Linear power supply can not control the transmittance of electricity so that extra electricity will be transferred into heat, resulting in the rising of temperature.

Usually, this three type of power supplies will be applied in LED tube lights as LED driver. How to apply the three different ones in different occasion depends on the following factors.

Isolated power is characterized by the highly security and insulation; which is taken controlled by the transformer. It is widely used inEurope, and developed countries, for these countries regulate strict limitation on safety standard.

Non-isolated power, without the transformer on electrical load, is with high output of DC72-80V. Non-isolated power is widely used in the Asian market now.

Linear has the advantage of tiny volumn, and low price, which is used on T5 LED Tube, or 1/3 and 1/5 alloyed aluminum housing LED tube lights.

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