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What is LED Light Source

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source, which is widely used in LED lights today. SMD LED is one of the LED encapsulation, which is widely applied in LED tube lights. This article will give an introduction to the LED, concerning the development of LED; structural components of LEDs, types of SMD LEDs, and application of LEDs.

History and Development of LEDs

When talking about of LED, we can get the general idea of LED phenomenon in our daily life. It occurred to us as indicator light on the flashlight and LED on display board for the first time. It is small in dimension and glows yellow light. SMD and DIP are two typical different ways of LEDs encapsulation. DIP(dual in-line package) LED is the previous LED encapsulation with the advantage of high brightness and corrosion resistance. SMD(surface mounted device) is the advanced technique to solve the inconsistancy and high failure rates of DIP. SMD LEDs bear well consistancy and stability, for the automatic process and high assembly density. As a general rule, DIP LEDs are used in outdoor lighting, while SMD LEDs are applied in indoor illumination.This is the basic knowledge of LEDs we keep trace of LEDs application in the past. (Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd.)Our company adopts SMD LEDs as LED tube light source, so SMD LEDs shall be introduced as bellow:

Constitution of LEDs

LEDs consist of five main parts: LED holder, LED chip, silicon and gold leading wire.

LED holder is the cover that stands the LED chip and prevents the inner structure from corrosion and drop. LED holder is made up of copper raw material with good conductivity and heat sink. Phosphor is used in LED for lighting. Phosphor with best quality can lessen the light failure and extend lifespan. LED chip is the core of LED. According to the dimension, LED chip size varies from 7×15", 9×15", 9×20", 9×25". High quality LED chip can assure the LED lights efficiency.

LEDs: SMD 2835&SMD 3528

SMD 2835 and SMD 3528 are the two LED dimensions used in LED tube lights. LED SMD 3528 can glow 24-26lm with 60mA driver current while LED SMD 3528 8-9lm with 20mA current. Compared with SMD 3528 and SMD 2835, the latter of which possesses wider luminous surface and heat-dispersing surface with higher current, thus making LED SMD2835 the good demand of more customers. However, SMD3528 has long history of lifespan warranty. In the governmental project, LED SMD3528 is accepted by LED tube replacement contractors.

picture: LED SMD 3528

LED SMD 2835

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