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Thermal Management Solutions on LED Tube Lighting Application

High power LEDs have been utilized in commercial LED lighting over the past few years. With the development of LED lighting technology, higher power density and lower thermal resistance have advanced to the key point, one of which good thermal management solutions is the effective way to assure the excellent performance of LED tube lights and long runtime. How to provide thermal management solutions on LED tube application, here are some points:

A good understanding of the thermal performance

Good thermal performance is related to many factors: LED package, LED tube housing materials and thermal resistance, etc. Be well-informed of the relationship between thermal performance and relative factors , which can help you select the best thermal management solutions.

MCPCB material stack-up section is the key point
MCPCB material stack-up section can be tailored to meet the requirement of particular application. Selecting alloy aluminum housing is the best way to dissipate heat sink.

PCB Circuit design optimization
PCB Circuit can be well-designed to maximize the heat dissipation. Circuit part geometry can be designed to optimize material utilization with lowest total cost.
Thermal interface material selection can be made best by understanding the interface surface geometries between the MCPCB and the heat sink to achieve the thermal and mechanical performance required.
Only clarifying thermal performance and standard basics, can effective thermal management solutions be developed to meet LED tube lighting application request.

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