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How to Choose LED Tube

In domestic LED industry, the price varies in different ranks. Low price bad quality; high price best quality. The standard of LED tube processing is not settled and producing, R&D and sales combination is not well established. Thus , which makes the LED tubes domain messy. Therefore, how to select the best LED tube according to compatibility of price and quality is very important. Here are some details to follow:

Select the LED tube, you should be familiar with the structure of LED tube.

LED tube consist of five parts: LED, PCB, Driver, Housing and Cover.

LED: LED constitutes of LED chips, stand, solid crystal glue, gold line, and silicone phosphor. LED chip is the core component and serve the lighting function. Stand is made of copper or metal, among which copper stand bears good conductivity and higher price than metal ones. Generally, solid crystal glue includes silicone resin or epoxy resin, among which silicone resin bears better heat dissipation and less light failure. Gold line is the 99.9% purity gold line. Phosphor influences the light failure. Good phosphor is with high luminousness and high resistance against chemical substances.

When choose the LED tube, customer must keep a general idea of LED in mind. LED is the light source of LED tube.

PCB: PCB comprises aluminum-based board and fiberglass board. Aluminum-based board is made of three layers: circuit layers, heat dissipation and insulation layer, aluminum base. Thickness of the copper foil, which is the material for aluminum base, determined the price. And the best raw material for insulation layer is ceramic polymer, which is sound expensive. Fiberglass board is cheaper than aluminum-based board.

To insure the quality of LED tube, select the aluminum-based PCB is much better.

Driver: Driver is the main factor that influences the lifespan expectancy. Isolated and non-isolated drivers are the two points, the former of which bears high safety yet lower conversion efficiency; the latter of which higher efficiency but high risk power safety. In Europe and North America, isolated power is highly adopted; while in Africa and some regions in Asia, there are not standard for LED tube application.

Taking the safety into consideration, to select the isolated power is the best policy.

Housing: Alloyed aluminum housing is used in LED tube with good heat dissipation. However there are several types of alloyed aluminum housing: D-type housing is the best fitting for LED tube with its sound heat dissipation. C-type bears ill-performed heat sink. Oval-shape can assure the uniformity of light emission but might generate dark regions,

Cover: PC cover is widely used with transparent PC, Milky PC, or Strip ones. The luminousness of transparent PC cover can reach up to 90%, milky PC cover up to 88% and milky cover for 85%.

Select the LED tube for your satisfaction, you shall take all these factors into consideration, so that you can purchase what you want. Please inquiry all the details before your decision. The best LED tube light is judged by your concrete analyses with all the components, So if you are a customer or LED tube purchaser, keep the general details in mind, which can help you in judging the good LED tubes.

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