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LED Chip

LED chip mainly consists of 5 parts: holder, elargol, chip,gold thread,and epoxy.

Holder is made up from copper,nickle and silver. The three kinds of materials are electroplated into 5 storey to compose the LED chip holder. Generally, chip holder serves the support and conductive function.

The main materials of elargol include elargol powder(75-80%),epoxy(10-15%),and additive; which can fasten the LED chip and contribute to electricity conductivity. While it could only be stored in low temperature and unfozen when being used.

Chip is the essential component of LED lamp.It constitutes of GaP,GaAlAs,GaN and so on.LED chip is featured by unilateral conductivity.

Gold line is applied to connect chip PAD and holder and make it conductive to the whole. The fineness is up to 99.99% Au, and moreover, the ductility for 2-6%.The size of gold line usually is 0.9mil,1.0mil, and 1.1mil.

Epoxy is composed of host crystal,hardener,DP and CP.Epoxy resin, Anhydride,light diffusion and dye play a very important part, which can protect the inner structure of LED chip; or alter the light color, beam angle.

LED chip is regarded as the heart of LED lighting products. How to choose the LED chip is significant for LED manufacturers. When we select LED chip, try to analyze the LED chip structure and components for your good choice.

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