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Tips for LED Tube Sales

As a salesman, communication is the key point to establish the relationship with your clients. Here are some tips on how to make FAQs when selling LED Tube.

Firstly, when you communicate with your LED tube customer, try to inquiry what kind of LED tube he/she requires. T5 led tube,T8 led tube , or T10 led tube . The structural parameters ,such as the LED tube length, size, PC cover, etc , are what you should be familiar, which help you get a general idea about the LED tube that is needed.

Secondly, after inquiring the structural parameters, you can ask the power your customer requests. How much watt doses he prefer and the specifications he want. For example, if one of your customers want to one piece of LED tube with 18W, please confirm that the power could match the structure parameters entirely.

Thirdly, when the structure and electrical features are settled, ask your clients the application of his employing LED tube. Is it applied in project program, public places, or general lighting, which can help you make sure how to offer the light source parameters for your customer. Moreover, please keep in mind that always ask your client the power input method. For different countries might have various standards on LED tube application. so we must get a general knowledge about their custom practices. For example, in America and German, the sing-side power input is available.

Fourthly, confirm the lighting lumen for your customers. the four steps all above, you can confirm the LED tube that you customer needs.

At last, try to assure the package ways before you make a deal. The package varies along with LED tube application.

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