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The Differences between T8 and T5 LED Tubes

As we all know,the T8 LED tube and T5 LED tube have difference in the working properties and functions. The two type lights can be used for different occasions. With the development of nowadays society and technology, all the lights are improved into a higher level. If you have a need, we can find the corresponding type light.

Let's take a look at the differences between T8 and T5 fluorescent technologies and see how they stack up. This is important because the T5 lighting could cost you much more money than T8 lighting.

Many of us may know that T8 and T5 LED tube lights are totally different in length. A T5 bulb is roughly the same diameter as a $.10 dime. A T8 tube light is closer to the size of a $.05 Nickel. The T5 is the smaller of the 2. If we use the LED tube T5 for energy saving, we are no longer put LED tube T8 unless install a base, such costs is too big , we can only use LED tube light T5 to replace.

Besides, since T5 diameter is much thinner than the diameter of T8, T12 lamps, the probability of elastic collision between the atoms and electronically generated by the inert gas filled with traditional fluorescent tube is higher, the energy loss is smaller, which is also very beneficial to improve the efficiency of light.

All in all, no matter it is T8 LED tube or T5 LED tube light, you can find its best for some occasions. Just choose the most suitable one for your case!

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