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How to Use LED Tube Safely?

LED is safer than the previous products. As we may guess that everything will be moving to a very beneficial and improve state in the rapid development of society. The LED tube is one of the great modern products that with no exception. Farewell inconvenient times, our era is better and better as well as convenient in life. It has many features that are widely used in our daily life. Lighting, revolutionary changes also occurred in the field.

Generally speaking, when choosing the right lamps, except the efficiency, security should be a core problem to consider for users. There have been reports of insulation failures causing the metal enclosure (body) of T8 and T5 LED lamps to become live and present an electric shock risk.

In some designs live parts are accessible. For example, while being installed, if one end of the tube is inserted in the luminaries, the other end may become live and presents an electric shock hazard. This is not a best practice for electrical safety design and requires work practices and procedures to reduce the risk of electric shock. Better designs remove the risk by ensuring supply to the product is via one end only.

Therefore, it is of great importance for us to choose the right LED tube manufacturer for qualified lamps. Syhdee has been working on LED tubes for over five years and we have been devoted in producing the safest LED tubes in the world.

Besides, you should pay attention when you install and use the LED tubes. For example, after unpacking your LED tubes, you should ensure that the device connecting that you'll be plugging in is undamaged and then plug the power.

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