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How to Choose the Power Supply for LED Tubes?

The quality of the battery has direct impact on the life of a LED tube. In general, we can find three types of power supplies for LED tubes in the market -- isolated power supply, non-isolated power supply and linear power supply.

The electric circuit of isolated power supply is much more complicated, which makes the isolated power supply safer. Isolated refers to the isolation transformer between the input and outputthe transformer may be the power frequency or may be high frequencybut both of which can isolate the input and output. Avoid the risk of electric shock. It is easy to pass CE or UL certification. On the other hand, the non-isolated linear manner is cheap, but it also has some cons. It places an LED tube at significant safety hazard with lousy dependability. Non-Isolated refers the direct connection between the led 220V input terminal and the load, so there is risk of electric shock touching the load, only the aluminum plate which is the thin insulating layer of isolation between 220V and the aluminum is usually not easy to pass CE and UL certification. The worst is that its operating performance is low, and cannot optimize the energy-saving goal. As for linear power supply, it is the cheapest one and may cause flickering. The performance of power supply also varies with different wiring modes.

Another type is the external power supply. The external power supply not only have high efficiency, long life, but also can increase the manual dimming or automatic dimming and other special features , which are built-in unmatched.

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