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LED Hibay

LED Hibay

  • Model Number:
  • SYHU-HB-P08021-XX-YY-C/SYHU-HB105XX-YY-X/...
  • Power:
  • 80W/105W/135W/165W/225W/320W
  • Size:
  • 600x320x76/1165x320x76(inch)
  • Input Voltage:
  • 120-277V
  • Material:
  • Steel reflector & Optical PC diffuser
  • Color Temperature:
  • 4000-5700K


* Steel & Aluminum body for excellent rigidity

* High quality LED chips with 36000 hrs LM-90 certification.

* Hanging chains are included

* 1-10V dimming available

Specification Features

* Long-life and high efficiency

* Up to 50,000 hrs rated lifetime, reduced maintenance cost

* High Quality lighting effect

* High efficacy, up to 130lm/w

* CCT options: 4000K,4500K,5000K,5700k

* Environment friendly - no UV

* Sensor control available (option)

Data Sheet

Electrical and Photometric Characteristics

Nominal voltage: AC 120V
Operating frequency: 50/60Hz
Power factor: ≥0.9
Working temperature range: -20°C ...+45°C
Starting time: < 0.5 S
Switching cycles: >25000 times
Dimmable: 1-10V

* Exceeding maximum ratings for operating temperature and input voltage will reduce expected life time or destroy the product.
Please contact our sales representative for dimmer compatibility list of the product for the best experience.


Item Number Rated Wattage* DxH (MM)



Rate Flux

(Lm) *



Beam Angel




Finishing Color Dimmable
LED Highbay Lights
SYHU-HB-P08021-XX-YY-C 80W 600x320x76 4000K 10400 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V
SYHU-HB105XX-YY-X 105W 600x320x76 4000K 13440 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V
SYHU-HB-P13521-XX-YY-C 135W 600x320x76 4000K 17500 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V
SYHU-HB165XX-YY-X 165W 600x320x76 4000K 21285 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V
SYHU-HB-225XX-YY-X 225W 1165x320x76 4000K 28800 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V
SYHU-HB-P22521-XX-YY-C 225W 600x320x76 4000K 28800 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V
SYHU-HB-P32041-XX-YY-C 320W 1165x320x76 4000K 41000 >70 115° 2 White 1-10V

* All data are related to the entire product

* Due to the special conditons of the manufacturing processes of LED,the typical data of technical parameters can only reflect statistical figures and do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product which could didder from the typical value.

* CCT can be 4000k,4500k,5000k,5700k,For technical information of other CCTs, please contact our sales representative.

About item Number: the frist (X)respect (D) or (N),the second (X) respect(P) or (N),the last (X) respect product version#,maybe A,B,C....Now is B

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