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Dimmable T8 LED Tube Light 10W/12W/15W/18W, LED Tube Light Indoor Lighting

Dimmable T8 LED Tube Light 10W/12W/15W/18W, LED Tube Light Indoor Lighting

  • Model Number:
  • Power:
  • 10W/12W/15W/18W
  • Size:
  • 2ft/4ft
  • Input Voltage:
  • 120-277V
  • Material:
  • Aluminum and Optical PC
  • Color Temperature:
  • 3000/3500/4000/4500/5000K

Features T8 LED Tube Lamp

. Plug and Play as Type A, no need rewire.

· Or direct AC input as Type B, bypass the existing ballast.

· Eco-friendly: no UV or IR radiation,mercury free, no flickering.

. High efficiency:100-130LPW

· Safe transportation: Reliable strong package.

· 50,000 Hrs lifetime, 5 years warranty.UL/CUL/FCC.

T8 Tube Light DATA Sheet

Electrical and Photometric Characteristics:

Input voltage: depends on ballast or AC120-277V
Operating frequency: 50/60Hz
Power factor: ≥ 0.90
Ambient temperature range: -20°C ...+45°C
Main materials: Aluminum housing + PC diffuser
Color Temp: 3000K,3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K
CRI: ≥80
Beam angle: >220°
Dimmable: Step Switch
THD: <20%
Base type: G13
IP Rating: IP20

* Exceeding maximum ratings for operating temperature and input voltage will reduce expected life time or destroy the product.

All data subject to change without notice. Errors and omission excepted. Always make sure to use the most recent release.

10W/12W/15W/18W T8 Tube Lamp Specification:

Item Number Rate Wattage (W) Length (ft) CCT (Kelvin) Rated Luminous flux (lm) CRI (Ra) Beam angle (Degree) Pack Qty (Pcs) Housing
LED T8 glass tube
SYHU-T8LAB0610X-XX-Z 6 2 3000K 1350 >80 > 120° 25 Aluminum and Optical PC
SYHU-T8LAB1212X-XX-Z 12 4 3000K 1800 >80 > 120° 25 Aluminum and Optical PC
SYHU-T8LAB1215X-XX-Z 15 4 3000K 2000 >80 > 120° 25 Aluminum and Optical PC
18 4 3000K 2350 >80 >120° 25 Aluminum and Optical PC

Item Number Rate Wattage (W) Ballast Factor (W)0.78 Ballast Factor (W)0.88 Ballast Factor(W)1.1 Luminous (lm) Pack Qty (pcs) Housing
LED Tube Light
6 10.6 12.31 14.2 1364 25 Aluminum and Optical PC
12 12.5 14.8 16.5 1819 25 Aluminum and Optical PC
15 15.8 18.22 19.5 2048 25 Aluminum and Optical PC
18 18.9 21.28 22.1 2404 25 Aluminum and Optical PC

Notes:System power will change as different ballast

Where “X” stands for pattern of Diffuser, it can be “T”=Transparent, “M”=Milky or “S”=Stripe. “XX” represented for “CCT”, it can be 27=2700K、30=3000K、35=3500K、40=4000K、45=4500K、50=5000K、55=5500K、60=6000K、65=6500K; “Z”stands for pattern of version it can be “A”“B”“C”or “D”

* All data are related to the entire product
Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of LED,the typical data of technical parameters can only refect statistical figures and do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product which could differ from the typical value.
For technical information of other CCT, please contact our sales representative.

Installation Diagram

Modifications to the product avoid the warranty.

10w tube light fixture

1. Swich off the power before replacement.

2. Remove diffuser(if needed).

3. Remove the existing fluorescent lamp.

4. Verify the existing ballast is on our ballast list or not.

· If led tube can be compatible with existing ballast:

* Plug T8 LED tube into lamp holders of existing fixture

* Put on diffuser(if removed in step 2)

* Turn on power and check the light distribution.

Step Switch
1st ON 100% OFF
2nd ON 50% OFF
3rd ON 25% OFF
4th ON 100%

tube light t8 15w

lighting fixture led tube lamp

* If the LED tube does not work with an existing ballast or the ballast is dead:

* A qualified electrician is needed

* Remove the existing ballast and rewire as AC 120-277V Input

* Put the LED tube into the lamp holder of existing fixtures

* Put on the covered diffuser (if needed)

* Turn on the power and check the light distribution

12w led tube lighting

T8 LED Tube Dimension Diagram

 10W led tube

led tube light fixture t8 4ft

Maximum overall length (mm) 2ft 4ft
A 588 1198
B 595 1205
C 603 1213

Package Information of LED T8 Tube

Item Number Qty/Carton (Pcs) Size of Carton LxWxH (mm) Net Weight (Kg) Gross Weight (Kg) Pcs in 1*20’ GP Pcs in 1*40’ HQ
SYHU-T8LAB1212X-XX-Z 25 1270x210x215 8 9.32 13000 30000
SYHU-T8LAB1215X-XX-Z 25 1270x210x215 8 9.32 13000 30000
SYHU-T8LAB1218X-XX-Z 25 1270x210x215 8 9.32 13000 30000
SYHU-T8LAB0610X-XX-Z 25 670x210x215 4.5 5.47 21650 50000

* Note: the above quantity full a container based on tubes pack In foam holders+outer carton and without pallets.

LED Tube Light Application:

Syhdee LED Glass Tube widely been used in commercial buildings,such as super market, hotels conference rooms, schools, and office buildings

10w t8 led tube light

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