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DC Compatible T8 LED Tube 10W/12W/15W/18W, 2ft/4ft/ 8ft, Glass LED Tube

DC Compatible T8 LED Tube 10W/12W/15W/18W, 2ft/4ft/ 8ft, Glass LED Tube

  • Model Number:
  • Power:
  • 10W/12W/15W/18W
  • Size:
  • 2ft/4ft
  • Input Voltage:
  • 120-277V
  • Material:
  • Glass
  • Color Temperature:
  • 4000K

LED T8 Glass Tube Features

* Direct replacement (ballast compatible/play&plug).

* Input Voltage: 120-277V depend on ballast, 50/60Hz.

* Compatible with most electronic instant-start T8 ballasts and programmed start ballasts.

* CRI(Ra)>80, Beam Angle> 220°,light distribution>310°.

* 50,000 Hrs, 5 years warranty.

Type A LED Glass Tube Data Sheet

Electrical and Photometric

Working temperature range: -20°C ...+45°C
Starting time: < 1 s
CRI: ≥80
Beam angle: >220°
Dimmable: Non-dimmable
IP Rating: IP20
Base type: G13
Color Temperature: 3000K,3500K,4000K, 4500K,5000K
* Note: the above quantity full a container based on tubes pack In foam holders+outer carton and without pallets.


Item Number Rated Wattage (W) Length (mm) CCT (Kelvin) Rated Luminous flux (lm) CRI (Ra) Beam angle (Degree) Pack Qty (Pcs) Dimming
LED T8 Glass Tube
SYHU-T8GA0610X-XX-Z 10 600 4000K 1150 >80 >220° 25 No
SYHU-T8GA1212X-XX-Z 12 1200 4000K 1600 >80 >220° 25 No
SYHU-T8GA1215X-XX-Z 15 1200 4000K 1725 >80 >220° 25 No
SYHU-T8GA1218X-XX-Z 18 1200 4000K 2070 >80 >220° 25 No
Where "X" stands for pattern of Diffuser, it can be "T"=Transparent, "M"=Milky or "S"=Strip. "XX" represented for “CCT", it can be 27=2700K, 30=3000K, 35=3500K, 40=4000K, 45=4500K, 50=5000K, 55=5500K, 60=6000K, 65=6500K. "Z" is any alphabetic or numeric code which is for marketing purpose only.

All data are related to the entire product

Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of LED, the typical data of technical parameters can only reflect statistical figures and do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product which could differ from the typical value.

Light output of product may vary with CCT, for technical information of other CCTs, please contact our sales representative. About Item Number : About Item Number: X can be N for without outer sensor or X for without motion sensor.

Dimension Diagram

Installation Diagram

1. Switch off the power before replacement.

2. Remove diffuser (if needed).

3. Remove the existing fluorescent lamp.

4. Verify the existing ballast is on our ballast list or not.

* If led tube can be compatible with existing ballast:

* Plug T8 LED tube into lamp holders of existing fixture.

* Put on diffuser (if removed in step 2)

* Turn on power and check the light distribution.

Package of Type A LED Glass Tube

Item Number Qty/Carton (Pcs) Size of Carton LxWxH (mm) Net Weight (Kg) Gross Weight (Kg) Pcs in 1*20’ GP Pcs in 1*40’ HQ
SYHU-T8GA0610X-XX-Z 25 645x195x200 3.25 4.22 21650 50000
SYHU-T8GA1212X-XX-Z 25 1255x195x200 5.5 6.82 13000 30000
SYHU-T8GA1215X-XX-Z 25 1255x195x200 5.5 6.82 13000 30000
SYHU-T8GA1218X-XX-Z 25 1255x195x200 5.5 6.82 13000 30000

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