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New Integrated LED T8 Tube 19W 4ft Tube Light

New Integrated LED T8 Tube 19W 4ft Tube Light

  • Model Number:
  • SYH-T08-012-125C-IN-F01
  • Power:
  • 19W
  • Size:
  • D26*1200mm
  • Input Voltage:
  • AC100-240V
  • Material:
  • Alloy Aluminum housing & PC Cover
  • Color Temperature:
  • 6000-6500K

New Integrated LED T8 Tube 19W 4ft Tube Light

General Introduction

This high Lumen Integrated LED T8 Tube uses SMD LED2835 as light source and there are 300mm(1feet), 600mm(2 feet), 900mm(3feet) and 1200mm(4 feet) available.With longer lifespan(>50,000hours), higher brightness and less toxic substance, it can be widely used to replace the traditional fluorescent tube lights. This type of Integrated LED T8 Tube adopts the light and fixture integration standard socket and works with AC100-240V voltage input and DC72-80V voltage output. It is RoHS compliant.

Integrated LED T8 Tube Details Photo

New Integrated LED T8 Tube smd led2835

New Integrated LED T8 Tube c.c led driver non-isolated power supply

New Integrated LED T8 Tube aluminum alloyed housing

New Integrated LED T8 Tube end cpas

New Integrated LED T8 Tube wires

Integrated LED T8 Tube Features

New integrated LED t8 tube 19W 4ft tube light designed with PC cover and aluminum shell integration

Single LEDs of 22-24lumen per watt with higher brightness and wider luminous area

Non-isolated power supply of 88% power conversion efficiency

Glass fiber PCB board for excellent insulation

Frosted PC cover of 0.85-0.88 light transmittance

Anodic techniques to protect alloyed aluminum housing from corrosion

Integrated LED T8 Tube Application

Integrated LED T8 tube can be employed in indoor LED lighting, places as office, school, showroom, etc.

New Integrated LED T8 Tube application

Integrated LED T8 Tube Parameters

Model NO.


Optical Parameters

Light Source


Luminous Flux(lm)






Beam Angle


Light Attenuation ratio (%)

Less than 10% in 3 years

LED Quantity


Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage(V)




Output Voltage(V)


Total Power(W)


Power Factor


Lifespan (Hrs)


Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test


Structural Parameters


Aluminum housing &PC cover





Net Weight(g)


Integrated Parameters

Operating Temperature


Storage Humidity


Safety Requirement


Environmental Directives


Integrated LED T8 Tube Installation

Integrated LED T8 Tube Wiring Diagram:

New Integrated LED T8 Tube wiring diagram

1) Turn off electric power before LED Tube Lights installation

2) For refitting old fluorescent lamp with a single-side-power-input LED tube, please re-connect your wire as the following diagram.

New Integrated LED T8 Tube installation diagram

3) For diagram A1 loop with magnetic ballast & starter, please remove the starter first. Then connect line N and Line L to the same side socket but separately. Now you can put on the LED tube and turn it on. And the loop has been changed into the one as showed in diagram A2.

Note: You can just keep magnetic ballast as it was. However, it’ll consumer some power. For saving energy, it’s still suggested to remove it if your labor cost is not so high.

4) For diagram B1 loop with electronic ballast, please remove the electronic ballast first. Then connect line N and Line L to the same side socket but separately. Now your LED tube light is ready to work. And the loop has been changed into what showed in diagram B2.

Integrated LED T8 Tube Package

New Integrated LED T8 Tube package

Syhdee LED Tube

Syhdee LED Tube

Concentrated on LED Tubes

Specialized in producing, researching, and developing all types of LED tubes for more than 5 years, Syhdee has already won trust and favor from customers at home and abroad.

Production Capability

With a 30,000 square meter workshop equipped with advanced machines and over 270 skilled workers, our production capability has reached 400K pieces of LED tube lights per month.

R&D Strength

Professional R&D team to guarantee the stable performance of products:

² Chip & Packaging Team

² Illuminating Efficiency Team

² Electrical Engineering Team

² Electronic Engineering Team

² Hardware Structure Team

² Industrial Design Team

Factory Direct Price

We are the manufacturer of LED tubes, which enables us to offer our customers factory direct price. Meanwhile good relationship with our material suppliers, skilled staff and advanced facilities make it possible for us to quote the most competitive price.

LED Tube OEM&ODM Project

As one professional LED tube supplier inChina, we can offer the turnkey LED tube solutions for our customers. OEM&ODM project is well available.


Overall energy efficiency and light distribution of any installation that uses such lamps are determined by the design of the installation.

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