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Philips Lumileds Offers High Flux LEDs

Philips Lumileds introduces one new LED with high flux this year.The new Luxeon UV LEDs are designed by Philips for the application including ultraviolet curing, counterfeit detection, medical, industrial and specialty lighting.

The UV LED market has been hampered by limited flux density and a lack of design flexibility,said Kurosh Hashemi, Senior Product Line Manager at Philips Lumileds.

This time Philips Lumileds has solved these limitations by introducing a compact, high-power emitter that can be tightly spaced to deliver the highest flux density to the desired medium.said Hashemi.

The device micro-footprint is 2.2mm, and each LED is provided in undomed form for precise optical control.

The UV LEDS are designed to accept 1A drive currents.The package uses flip chip assembly, where the chip directly contact with the thermally conductive AlN substrate.

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