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LED Integration Should Begin with Specification

FOREPI Chairman Chien Fen-Ren at the 2013 Renewable Energy Summit suggests that in the short term, the LED industry needs to prioritize solving electrical specification protocol and integration for drivers and luminary modules.

“Electric interface specification standardization for luminary modules and rectifiers are set up, which allows products to be able to reach mutually beneficial specification. This will benefit lighting design manufacturers, who rely on power controller specs to design products by shortening LED lighting development cycle”, said Chien.

Although LED lighting luminance has met the lighting market demands, driver stability still has difficulty matching light modules (LED chips) with long lifespan. This in turn causes electrical malfunctions. If consumers view LED products as energy efficient, but environmentally unfriendly, they might begin to lose faith in the LED products.

The best way to resolve the problem is to start from the specification. Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Association (TLLIA) has brought up interchangeable electric specs and replaceable specs that can first resolve luminary module and driver (ballast) electric specs. This concept not only can be applied towards indoor lighting but also outdoor lighting.

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