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LED Canada: Partnering to Produce New Samsung T8 LED Tube

LED Canada NOW has partnered to offer this SAMSUNG LED solution in a new 4 feet T8 fixture with a Color Rendering Index in excess of 80Ra and over 2000 lumen at 4000K.

The new T8 LED tube replaces the standard 40 watt fluorescent T8 with 20 watt, thus producing 8% more light with 50% less power and extending life that is 3 years warranty.

The latest released T8 LED tube utilizes the Samsung LED chip that can offer much higher CRI in cool white condition. And the light emitted by Samsung chip is more peaceful and consistent than available competitive models. Moreover new LED tube adopts remote driver as power source. With all above, new T8 LED tube is known to ensure longer life expectancy and sustainable performance. It is reported to be expected to surpass currently comparable products.

With this new product, LED Canada turns into largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Canada for innovative LED solutions.

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