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Opportunities and Challenges for LED Fluorescent Tube Market

LED manufacturers are aggressively targeting on an increase in LED lighting products. This year the LED fluorescent (FL) tube is already slated to expand. According to the NPD Display Search LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report, the LED tube penetration rate will reach 6.0% globally in 2013 and jump to 22.3% in 2016. FL tube shipments are expected to reach 230 million units in 2013 and are predicted to climb up to 791 million in 2016.

Opportunities for Led Fluorescent Tube

Although LED FL tubes are cheechako in the Photoelectrical market, they are developing rapidly in recent years and become more and mare mature in developed and developing market. Compared with traditional fluorescent tubes, it is obviously seen that why the Led Fluorescent tubes market is growing so fast:

  • LED FL tubes are relatively considered to be a “green” product, as the tube manufacturing process does not use mercury and other chemical poisonous materials while traditional tubes necessarily adopt mercury for its light source, which is counterproductive to environmental protection.
  • LED FL tubes can save more than 70% on electricity; LED FL tube power efficiency is rated at 0.9 to 0.99, whileTraditional FL tubes are rated at 0.7 that is much lower.
  • The lifespan of a LED FL tube is greater than that of a Traditional FL tube;LED FL tubes are expected to last 5 years or 30,000 hours, that is 10 times than old fluorescent tube.

Challenges for Led Fluorescent Tube

In China Led Industry development is at full speed, among which a lot problems emerged and impeded the sustainable and healthy processing of that industry. Here are some references:

  • The core Led chip technology is still a bottleneck in domestic Led industry. The high-end products were made in Taiwanese,AmericaandEuropebecause inland enterprises that possess the core chip manufacture technology are the rarity of rarities. Domestic enterprises have to overcome the technology difficulty if they want to rush into advanced product market and strengthen their capacities.
  • Certification has become the stumbling block for domestic Led Tube manufacturers and makers. Led Tube Manufacture Industry has very strict restrictions in Led Tube processing. Company that need to be approved by relevant Quality and Technology Department if they want to be Led Tube makers. And moreover, Our products selling overseas need to be approved to sell abroad.

Confronted with such chances and opportunities, how to break through the challenges and take the great opportunities, which is the main question to be considered and planned for every Led Tube manufacturer and trader. The ones who can win at the critical juncture win the LED tube future.

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