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Global LED Lighting Market Review in 2014 and Forecast in 2015

LED lighting market in 2014 has gone through soaring and difficult development. At the end of 2014, Let us make review of the ending year and look forward to 2015 LED lighting market development.

2014 Review in LED Lighting Industry

Here bellow are the major events experienced in 2014:

1. Phase out of 40W-100W incandescent lamps in the world has indicated these lamps can no longer be imported or produced. Instead, LED is taken as the promising alternative light source in the future.

2. Price war in 2014 was ignited by large companies.The industry went through drastic consolidation where companies that weren’t on the LED lighting bandwagon were forced to swallow this pill or fear closure; this happened on a regional scale affecting all companies in North America, Western Europe, Japan, and China.

3. Relevant industry institutes and departments have regulated and conducted higher requirements to standardize market order.

4. In the LED upstream industry, modular solutions such as modules (LED packages soldered onto PCB, with and without light engines) and COBs (including multi-array packages) gained traction for LED.

5. As for LED lighting technology, more respect and emphasis were given to optics components for LED lighting in order to deal with glare problem.

6. Lighting control system gained more visibility. Many manufacturers tried to realize AmbiScene lighting.

7. Smart lighting has opened new path. Users can change their lighting color setting, luminous output level through lighting control.

LED lighting industry 2014 Review

2015 LED Lighting Market Forecast

According to LEDinside research center, LED lighting market in 2015 takes up nearly US$25.7 billion.

LEDinside deputy manager, Joanne Wu said Europe will dominate 23% LED lighting market, attributing the largest market share of worldwide LED lighting market. Wu noted that commercial LED lighting and architectural LED lighting are the most increasing demand in LED luminaires application due to the high electricity cost and consumption.

China comprises 21% of entire LED lighting market, ranking second to Europe. As the worldwide manufacturing center, China boast of integral LED lighting supply chain and cost advantage. However, China LED lighting market has stirred up ignited competition. Lighting companies are expanding their LED lighting business. In 2015, LED lighting market will continue grow up on the back of stable demand. Yet developing viable business channels is the top priority of vendors in China. “With no proper distribution channels, manufacturers will be forced to exit the market.”Wu observed.

The United States hold 19% of the global LED lighting market. In America, certification for LED light products is currently on the rise. For exporters, it is one push that LED lighting products should obtain certification from relevant certification authority such as Energy Star and DesignLights Consortium. Meanwhile, commercial LED lighting in America grows up, of which LED tube lights is the most demanding segment.

Otherwise, Japan has owned 9% of the entire market. Relatively speaking, lighting market in Japan is mature with many years’ development. LED lighting products for commercial application is popular and common. Still, the outdoor and industrial LED lighting segments have considerable potential to expand.

Emerging markets, including the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, shall take up 28% of the whole LED lighting market. In 2015 growth in these emerging markets are promising and potential as a result of population growth, favorable government policies and large LED lighting projects.

LED lighting market 2015 forecast

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