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2015: LED Tubes Will Become the Largest Demand in LED Lighting Industry

According to the statisticsTrendForce LEDinside, it is reported that LED tubes will become the largest demanding LED lamp in 2015. As the soaring development of led commercial and architectural lighting in 2014, LED tubes shall be greatly employed in both commercial and architectural field.

LED Tubes

In terms of our experience in American market, LED tubes demands in America have bursted in 2014. The total demand of LED lamps in America has surpassed twice than that in 2013. In October, Mr. King, president of SYHDEE, has started his twelve-day USA business trip. " This is one great chance for Chinese LED lighting manufacturers to access to American market this year or the next two years. LED lamps demands in America have bursted in 2014. Currently, Western and Northern United States have become the sweet pastry with the advantage of vantage point and easy transportation. " said he. Many China LED lighting manufacturers has entered into American markets this year. It will be much more in 2015

In Europe, LED tubes demand is gradually increasing up. However, it is not so much as that of U.S.A market. In primary European countries as Germany, France, Spain, etc., high standards for products are the keen points. No doubt Europe is still the largest LED lighting market, which comprises 23% of the global LED lighting markets. In spite of its high electricity prices and lack of large-scale subsidies for LED lighting users. LED lighting application in commercial and architectural lighting is soaring the next year.

It comes to emerging markets, including Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, which constitutes of 8% of the whole LED lighting markets. In 2015, growing prospects in these markets are promising thanks to favorable government policies, new large-scale LED lighting projects, etc.

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