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Philippine: New Emerging LED Lighting Market

As LED lighting manufacturers are taking their arms to expand their oversea market, North America, Europe, Japan, Australia,Singapore, etc., which are the traditional competitive developed field for LED lighting companies for foreign sales. In recent years, with the development of global economy new developing markets have emerged rapidly and considerably. Thailand, Egypt, Singapore, etc., which attracted millions of LED lighting enterprises.

Philippine, next to China, is one rapidly developing country in Asia. Because of the deficiency of its national industrial chain, the lifeblood of Philippine economy is mostly taken controlled by Philippine Chinese. With the advantage of geographical environment, transportation, market information technology, it is a great chance for China LED lighting companies to seize the emerging market.

philippine lighting market

Analyses of Philippine LED Lighting Market

Demand Analyses: Electricity Supply&Electricity Cost

Electricity supply and electricity cost is the most concerned topic for Philippinese. Extreme energy lack makes electricity cost very high in Philippine, nearly up to RMB8 per kilowatt hour. Moreover, the large population contributes much more calculation to every family electricity bill, which is one large amount for them.

Furthermore,the Government of Philippines has coordinated and supported the enforcement of Kyoto Protocol to advocate LED lighting application in commercial lighting area. Most Philippine hypermarkets have been retrofitted with new LED lamps. In the near future, if Philippine government projected the ban of bulbs and replacement with LED lights, LED lighting market is huge and unlimited.

Market Analyses: Flourishing and Contending

In Philippine,five prominent LED lighting companies dominated the main LED lighting market. Those are native company including Firefly Electric & Lighting Co and Akari Lighting & Technology Corp.; worldwide recognised companies including General Electric Philippines Inc. and Philips Lighting Philippines Inc.; and one Chinese LED lighting company Yatai International Corp. Among these five LED lighting companies above listed, Chinese LED lighting company Yatai International Corp., branded Omni, have owned 29% market share with its favorable price and high market penetration. Native companies Firefly Electric & Lighting Co and Akari Lighting & Technology Corp. is competitive in price and transportation. And General Electric Philippines Inc、Philips Lighting Philippines Inc known for its international reputation.

Marketing Way: Traditional Marketing&E-marketing

In Philippine, lighting store, market, exclusive agency and retailer have taken up half of the whole lighting domain; Of which exclusive agency accounts for 27.4%; 20% for retailers, store and market. Traditionally, most of foreign LED lighting corporations entered into Philippine entitled agency or set up factory, exclusive shop, supermarket, etc. on the local spot to realize sustainable business operation.

Virtual Internet has gradually become the fast way for international business today. Some LED lighting utilities have been trying to make online LED lighting products sales come true via e-marketing. For example, Ace Hardware,Handyman and SM Homeworld have established their own web to display LED lighting commodities. What is more, social networking websites are applied popularly in their business marketing to realize broad spread and popularization.

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