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LED Lighting Manufacturers Discuss LED Technology

At the coming end of 2014, let us make one conclusion and new prediction about LED lighting industry. Since LED show is approaching and SSL is preparing the next-year exhibition affairs. Many LED lighting manufacturers executors were invited to gather together and share their views on the state of LED and lighting. The discussion includes insights on LED light source, LED luminaires, dimming technology, network and computer control system on lighting, etc., covering both LED light source technology as well as new trend towards LED luminaire lamps application . Let us have a look at the most important market and technology trends in regard to LED lighting design and application, discussing about topics ranging from components and and LED luminaire lamps.

With the extreme development of LED downstream field, it is difficult for LED upper stream realm to keep close pace with LED application industry, especially LED lighting area. Brian Terao, director of solid-state lighting for Osram Opto Semiconductors, suggested that: “For lamp-based LED, we see the increasing adoption of high performance/cost LED chips to cut down cost. For example, mid-power LED and COB light source enable lighting design to have single light source appearance, which reduces cost and lessen dimension.”

Uwe Thomas, vice president of product management at LED Engin, also commented that smaller light source sizes increase flux density. COB LED flux densities have reached levels that only multi-chip emitters could achieve in the past. The higher flux densities and the low cost for COB products make them attractive in directional lighting applications. Amazingly, new high-current chips emitt more than 3-A/mm2 current densities. These chips flux density is twice of COB

Chris Bohler, director of innovation in Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business, said: “ previously, solid state lighting has been driven by luminosity, conversion efficacy. However, now color quality has become the point. Other LED lighting metrics like CRI and CCT variance, and LED luminaire lifespan, will continue to come into important play role.”

For most LED lighting manufacturers, they did not only rely on LED light source technology, LED lighting application techniques are more significant for their end users. So have a look at the LED lighting application for lighting area as bellow:

It seems that LED lighting applications such as residential, commercial, architectural, factory, etc. are no-brainer now. The popularity is such that so many companies engaged in this field. LED lighting is never a question of “ Should I do it?” but “ Which one should I select?”.

David Bay, corporate engineer at Osram Sylvania, suggested that for LED screw-based lamps, LED lighting manufacturers are trying to maintain the key performance. Whereas, changes in LED luminaires materials, thermal management system, manufacturing process make LED lighting products producing meet a lot of problems. Lots of LED lighting manufacturers are re-evaluating the LED luminaires products BOM, form fit as well as values chain of LED lighting application cases.

This year dimming LED lamps are all the rage. With digital control function, dimming led is considered as the internal strength of LED lighting products. Philips smart LED bulbs reveal the wonderful miracle of dimming. However, there exists no standard for light-level output for dimming LED lamps. David Bay, corporate engineer at Osram Sylvania, suggested that broad, complaint-free acceptance of controlled LED-based lighting products will only happen when dimming controls accomplish their function in manners which are in accordance with the human needs of the lighting environment. Although it is important to begin to set standards for dimming control, it is likely too early to impose detailed and rigid standards dimmable control LED-based lighting.

Moreover, intelligence and network should be mentioned here. Gary Trott, vice president of product strategy at Cree, shows that it is a real change today where the LED lighting lamps apply computer and network in the control system. Just think that when you work in the front of computer and take control of your house lighting. I is an amazing thing. This is the way that you can really improve user experience.

LED, dimming functionality, smart control system, what will be the next innovation challenge? LED lighting manufacturers are seeking their own way to lead LED lighting towards better user experience.

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